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The benefits of IT outsourcing goes beyond cost savings, which may have been the primary consideration for going down the outsourcing path. Among the other benefits that IT managers and business owners can realize from IT outsourcing are better business control, access to specialized skills and expertise, reduced risks, improved flexibility and ability to rapidly implement new strategies and initiatives.

When you want something done and you don’t have the skills to do it, often the wiser choice is to get someone to do it for you who can perform better and faster. You save money and precious time rather than spending time trying to learn to do it yourself. That is one of the ways outsourcing proves to be cost-effective. It frees you up to focus on what you do best – the core mission of your business, delivering quality products and services for the satisfaction of your customers. Ultimately, improving the way you use technology can maximize ROI and ensure that your employees remain happy and productive.

With a reliable IT outsourcing and IT consulting partner, a business shares the risks associated with performing tasks that may be done not as effectively by in-house staff. For example, if you have too many IT-related projects and not enough people with the right expertise to implement them, the IT support provider can help prioritize those requests and apply better controls to their implementation. IT outsourcing also mitigates the risks involved in hiring internal staff. It eliminates the need for training employees and dealing with leaves, absences, employee benefits and turnover. The IT outsourcing company can provide your staffing requirements on a more stable basis by bringing in people with the right skills set as needed.


Most small business owners and managers only engage in IT due to necessity though it’s rarely their primary focus. This leaves a lot of room for questions that should be answered by seasoned consultants rather than part-timers. “I need ___ for my business so how can I do that,” or “What’s the best way for me to recover from a disaster and keep my data safe?” All are great questions for an IT consultant.

IT outsourcing covers many services from which you can choose: data center operations, desktop support, help desk, software development, website/e-commerce, hosted applications, cloud computing, network operations, and disaster recovery services. Velocity Network Solutions covers the full gamut of IT support for businesses between 10-150 users and works with companies to ensure their technology aligns with their business goals. If you live in our neck of the woods, we’d be happy to assist with IT consulting.