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Wondering if your project or process has drifted off track?

Unfortunately, many software development projects fail to deliver the expected results. If you are concerned about the direction of a challenging project, then choose Matech to help. Matech will review and assess the current state of the software design, code and/or software development process. Matech will then make recommendations and assist clients in getting back on track.

Do you need an expert, unbiased opinion?

Software development can be an expensive and demanding undertaking. Often with so much at stake companies would like to get an expert, unbiased opinion. Normally, this need cannot be met internally as most employees have a vested interest in promoting their own ideas; maintaining the status quo; and/or little experience beyond the current project.

Matech has the skill and experience to meet this need. We’ll take the time to understand the current design, code, and/or process before making our recommendations. Matech’s recommendations will be objective and based upon our extensive experience with many companies and industries. Our recommendations will also demonstrate an understanding of the current situation and will be tailored to your needs. Also, we are always willing to help implement our own recommendations.

IT Consolidation

As your IT atmosphere grows in size, out of control hosting server crowds can leave your company susceptible to several challenges—high capital and functional expenses, increased management complexness and lack of versatility to respond quickly to new technology, modifying company requirements and workloads. You need a robust hosting server merging remedy to help you fulfill and get over these difficulties. However, evaluation, strategy and style, and execution of a combined and enhanced hosting server atmosphere are complex tasks that require an advanced ability, innovative resources and confirmed strategies.

Server merging can help your company get over the difficulties of price and the complexness associated with hosting server crowds while giving you the versatility to more rapidly adapt to modifying company needs and workloads and assistance new technology.

MATECH CO Server Marketing and Incorporation Solutions – hosting server merging offers end-to-end services to help you website and complexness, assistance new technology and apply a maintainable amount of work strategy in your combined hosting server environment.

MATECH CO Server Marketing and Incorporation Solutions – hosting server merging can help you evaluate, strategy, style and apply a more combined, versatile and strong cut atmosphere. Additionally, we use innovative statistics and a “Fit-for-Purpose” technique to help identify optimal platform and amount of work placement choices, thereby enabling decreased expenses and complexness, improving workload-server effectiveness and supporting innovative technology like virtualization and reasoning processing. Our global team of skilled professionals, tested resources and confirmed methods can provide you with a remedy to help you fulfill your unique company needs.

  • Drives decreased IT complexness and expenses by combining your hosting server environment.
  • Helps develop a solid company case and improve company agility with a more versatile and strong IT infrastructure .
  • Provides MATECH CO skills, experience, resources and confirmed strategies to apply an enhanced infrastructure.


Migrating information can confirm to be complicated, dangerous and expensive if not planned well. Besides, information migration can negatively impact program accessibility and performance. But, moving information with MATECH CO Data Migration Solutions for storage—network, storage space, information, NAS, record, start techniques or more—can help reduce the expenses, complexness and threats involved in information migration. We provide the assistance of skilled professionals who make use of time-tested technology and experience obtained from more than 500 information migration tasks to help enable a more structured migration of information. We offer information migration services that allow you to shift saved information without interfering with program accessibility and business functions. Using a specific approach and tool set, we can help you shift information within reasoning, mainframe or start techniques environments—irrespective of your storage space environment.

IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

In modern atmosphere, you need to look across the IT Features and facilities and successfully strategy, develop and handle the infrastructure for improved performance, speed and business a continual. MATECH CO will help provide these guarantees to you by using the skills of our information middle professionals.

Making IT Features more cost-effective, secure and in-line with fast changing company goals has never been so important. Flexibility, reasoning and the surge of information styles are essentially moving the goals and role of IT Features groups. 60 % of IT costs are devoted to infrastructure and functions. Planning and managing this cost while planning for the long run is a big task experiencing IT infrastructure groups across companies today.

Your company may own and handle information middle, or you may use an information middle possessed or handled by a company. Either way, you need to look across the IT Features and facilities and successfully strategy, create and handle the infrastructure for improved performance, speed and company a continual. MATECH CO will help provide these guarantees to you by utilizing the skills of our information middle experts around six main areas:

  • Technique Services

    Define your IT infrastructure strategy, create company case and plan of tasks, and strategy for the long run in close synchronization with company and technology stakeholders.

  • Migration and Update Services

    Seamlessly conversion between systems and move your Unix/Linux/Windows systems without seriously affecting company functions.

  • Merging and Virtualization Services

    Design, create and move to the most current program base systems and provide program enablement for MS and SAP surroundings and workloads.

  • Application Enablement Services

    Discover and evaluate your information middle infrastructure and program environment while going, modernizing, combining and virtualizing your IT infrastructure.

  • Control and Automated Services

    Standardize, improve and centrally handle your key procedures and IT infrastructure functions, reinforced by MATECH CO’s strong infrastructure management products.

  • Data Center Protection Services

    Integrate security into your information middle from the beginning, and every step along the way.

ITSM Services

IT Assistance Control (ITSM) Solutions help you enhance the performance and performance of IT functions by applying market best methods and requirements. Our ITSM experts evaluate marketing management procedures and help you embrace market best methods, such as those depending on the IT Facilities Collection (ITIL), or market requirements, such as those depending on the Worldwide Standards Organization (ISO). Then we explain to you how to consistently enhance marketing functions.

Your business requests you to provide new items to help create new products, discover new customers and gain competitive advantage. But you must get the money within your current budget. Industry best methods help you discover those dollars by driving cost out of functions while still handling risk. When you apply them, you know you are doing it as well as the best.

  • ITSM Evaluation Services

    A Matech advisor brings your team in applying the suggestions designed in the evaluation.

  • ITSM Assistance Function Journey

    The MATECH CO ITSM Assistance Function Trip is a packed service dealing with the service operation stage of the ITIL lifecycle.

Critical Facilities Services

Data centers—one dimension does not fit all

Critical Features Solutions are talking to, style and guarantee services for new or retrofit information facilities. Our professionals merge style technological innovation and structure with IT skills. They style and develop information facilities to meet modifying company needs with reduced facilities capital and managing costs.

As companies get into new marketplaces and search for new ways to link with customers, the demand for new IT services gets worse. To keep up, IT utilizes versatile facilities like knife systems, storage-area systems and virtualization, all printed properly to company needs. But there is nothing versatile about that old information center—one dimension suits all. Every application gets the same service services at the same price.

We style and develop flip, multi-tier information facilities. Our strategy helps arrange IT, facilities and line-of-business companies to go with information center potential and versatility to company needs. That means cheaper and more room to advance down the road.

Not your same old information center:

The information middle for incorporated features and reasoning handling will be different from traditional information middle. Cloud handling requires that IT and Facilities can no longer take their own individual routes.

In terms of resiliency, for reasoning handling you need a service that offers a versatile mixture of redundancy and potential to support IT handling. You want a high solidity features with efficient use of space, energy and chilling for the combined arrays of hosting server, storage and network devices. Instead of a repetitive, highly fault-tolerant structure, you need organized wire and energy systems with versatility to apply improvements and settings changes.

When it comes to orchestration, reasoning handling requirements a functional management structure that includes the information middle features. You want a different, scalable, multi-tier feature, motivated by SLAs and with ability to improve potential as needed to improve CAPEX and OPEX. In particular, your service should offer consistent energy options that allow worldwide procured IT devices to be redeployed.
And while performance is always important the service needs to offer green energy and chilling that reacts dynamically to the widely different handling plenty found in reasoning handling.