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Among small businesses, it is one of the most favorite ways for online processing of payments. It allows quick merchant account setup eliminating many of your safety concerns and can still be applied directly to your site. The best thing about it is that it allows currencies to easily pass and convert. Free setup of accounts and cheap maintenance are also the strong points of PayPal. You need to give away some percentage of the money that you make through the account as a charge. Matech CO provides the facility to you to pass and convert your currencies in a smooth and efficient manner. This is especially to clients that are looking for reasonable but substantial method of maintaining affordable accounts.

Other similar services are also available with us such as StrataPay and PayMate, but it’s important that you check the fine print before landing up on any decision (things like some would charge a fee to the customers would be somewhat business deterring). We do consider these methods for money transactions with our valued customers and business partners.

Credit cards

Credit cards are a popular payment way these days. If you want credit card processing on your site, a merchant’s account is what you need first with the credit card company and/or with your bank and next a secure third-party gateway to accept payments online. It’s quite time-consuming and costly and lays a significant responsibility on the online business for conducting safe online order processing. Matech CO facilitates you with this solution so that your transactions with us are fully secured and in highly patternised way.

Wire Transfer

Usually fast and cheap, this process uses existing accounts and processes transfers between them. But what’s an important consideration here is whether you want to release your account information for processing. Often problems crop up with involving cross-border transactions and different currencies.

While choosing a service, irrespective of anything, don’t lose the objective of protecting yourself and your clients. Wisdom is in choosing a service that does not make accepting payment an unprofitable event. Your research and wise choice would allow you to make the most of convenience, profitability, and safety. Matech CO considers the easy of their client as most vital aspect and therefore facilitates its customers to do transactions with us in the most widely, affordable, and fast method of transaction. This is more suitable with the cross-border clients to reduce their risk and maintain their confidentiality.