Matech Co Trackify is the cogent and logical choice for workforce management on the field, where the process cannot function without business delivery. Professionals from different industry verticals like medical representatives, banking and insurance agents, and retail delivery riders can make use of the system for real time reporting.

A system that is scalable according to the growing or shrinking demands and the size of your business. The SAAS technology enables your business instantly while relying heavily on our service. SAAS ensures that business processes have matured in the real time environment and updates and resolutions would come instantly to suit your specific use case.

The System Dashboard gives you real time insight based on live data to enable you to steer in strategic direction. Manage Capacity, Real Time Visibility, API Integration, Resource Management and Detailed Reports are some of the salient features that you can monitor on the field.

Last Mile Delivery has become a popular area of interest for retailers due to the growing demand for fully integrated omni-channel retailing. Matech Co Trackify specifically has modules that communicate and share location with business and customers. Parcel pickup from warehouse to chain of custody from supply chain, barcode management and customer end delivery are all managed by our product.

Benefit of Using our Last Mile Delivery Solution


Focus on retail.


Optimize logistics and warehouse back office.

Home Services

Get real time location update, increase out reach based on efficient path planning.


Engage multiple retail channels efficiently via multiple sales channels based on efficient inventory management and customer location.


Enhance customer user experience, catalog management, last mile delivery and complete end to end order cycle from initiation to item delivery.