Field Service and Mobile Workforce Management

Matech Co. Trackify is the best choice for workforce management in the field. Professionals from different industry verticals like medical representatives, banking and insurance agents, and retail delivery riders can make use of this scalable app for real time reporting.

Key Features of Trackify

Matech Co. Trackify has specific modules that communicate and share location with business and customers.

Customization as per Business
Order, Location Analytics & Rout History
Real-Time Tracking, Visibility, and Alerts
Capacity Management
Resource Management
Capturing Electronic Proofs
API Integration
Detailed Reports

Benefits of Trackify

At Trackify, you can get real-time insights based on live data from the field empowering you to make strategic decisions.

Distance, Capacity, and Time Optimization for Fleets
Resource Utilization through Automated Scheduling
Automation of Mobile Field Workforce
Complete Process Automation